Naming your ecommerce business

When you start an online store, choosing the best name can be difficult. You want a company name that suits your core business, now and in the future. Your store title is also important for your marketing strategy and securing a domain. Moreover, you want to make sure it is original and memorable to achieve success.

Are you looking to start an online store? Aside from buying inventory and building your online shop, you need to find a good title for your ecommerce business. The name of your shop impacts the success of your company down the line, so do not rush this decision. But how do you find the perfect business name for an ecommerce store?

Why naming your online store is important

How do you find a name for your online shop?

Naming your shop is important, so it is best to not make the decision too lightly. First of all, it sets you apart from competitors. Something snappy and memorable will give you an important advantage, especially because the ecommerce industry is highly saturated. A well-named brand can also help attract your target audience. For example, a company aimed at teenagers will have a different marketing strategy than one meant for seniors.

Aside from conveying your brand identity (who you are), you want the name of your ecommerce store to communicate your core business (what you do). What do you have to offer online shoppers? This can be a type of product, an online service or even a subscription.

Also try to think ahead, since the name of your shop will stay with you for a long time. If your company is named ‘Spark Lamps’ and you want to sell different types of home items down the line, you may want to reconsider. The same goes for possibly selling crossborder: is your name suited to go international?

A well-named store attracts your target audience.

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Moreover, your shop’s name is also the domain of your ecommerce website. Choosing the wrong domain can be as important to your business as where your physical office is located. In the case of an ecommerce business, it is even more important. After all, your domain is the address where people can find you. Ideally, your domain is original, available and memorable enough for word of mouth marketing.

Finding the best company name: where to start?

So, a good name is important in order for your shop to be a success. But how do you find the best ecommerce business name ideas? A good place to start is by making a word web. Write down what your product or service is, who your core audience is and what your company represents in one word each.

Then start writing down words that you associate with this. These can describe a feeling, but also places or things. For example, if you sell outdoor gear, you can write down words like ‘adventure’.

A business name generator and a word web can help you find your company brand

Using a random name generator

Next, you can continue brainstorming by using an online business name generator. Although the suggestions will not always be directly usable, it can definitely get you thinking in the right direction and spark inspiration for your online store name.

Firstly, there are generators that jumble together entirely new words. For example, company names like Google and Yahoo do not mean anything but sound catchy. If it sounds good and reflects your company identity in some way, you may have a winner on your hands.

You can jumble together a new word that sounds catchy.

Other company name generators allow you to give suggestion terms first. Look through the list and see what you like, and what you do not like. Can you tweak a name so it is more to your liking? You can also mix different options into a new one. Try combining words from your word web with the generator’s list and see what happens. For example, the social media app Instagram is a combination of two words reflecting its services: instant and telegram.

A business based on your own name

A lot of entrepreneurs also like to use their own name for their ecommerce business. This may sound predictable and not very unique, but for some companies it actually works well. In fact, using a surname can evoke the feeling of a trustworthy and authentic family business. For certain branches this can be very beneficial, such as consultants, accountants and lawyers.

If you make products yourself you can name your shop after yourself

Using your own name can make it feel authentic.

Another reason to use your own name is if your company is tied to you as a person. Do you run a bakery or a different type of store where you make products yourself? Perhaps you are an artist that sells your own paintings. Or you are an influencer selling your own merch online. In these examples, using your own name can highlight the self made aspect of your business.

Checklist for the perfect store name

1. Is it available?

If you find an ecommerce business name that you really like, always check if it is available first. This can be as simple as entering the term into search engines. Also search for possible social media accounts and online marketplace accounts under this name.

But most importantly, check your country’s Chamber of Commerce and possible website domains, so you do not get into trouble later. Using an existing company title is not allowed. Moreover, if the website’s domain is already in use, you need to buy it from the current user, possibly for a high price.

If you find a name you like, check if it is available first.

Is your name available, memorable and easy to spell?

Of course you do not want to copy an existing company. But you also do not want to have an ecommerce business name that is very similar. First of all, your brand will not be very unique. Furthermore, it can cause confusion for customers. And if the existing company is already well-known, you are sabotaging your business before it even starts.

2. Is it easy to remember?

Are you on the right track with finding the perfect name? Go down this checklist first to make sure your brand title is bulletproof. By doing this, you prevent some frequently made mistakes by new entrepreneurs. First of all, is your company name easy to remember?

Keeping it short and sweet will often make it more memorable. See if you can shorten the current name in any way. Moreover, if it sounds catchy, people will automatically remember it more easily.

Keep it short and sweet to make it memorable.

3. Is it easy to spell?

Secondly, is it easy to spell? If potential customers will be wondering how to type out the name, you are losing out on valuable visitors on your website. Additionally, try not to use numbers, since people will question whether to write them out or not (for example: one instead of 1). To be sure, you can ask people close to you how they would spell the name you have in mind and check if it is the same.

How to find a name for your online shop

4. Is it long lasting?

Your company name will hopefully stay with you for a long time. This means you do not want to limit yourself too much. Firstly, naming your business after your product can be limiting when you want to expand your product range. For example, Apple was once called Apple Computers, but now offers much more products and services than that.

Naming your store after your product can be limiting.

Secondly, is the business name suitable for expanding internationally? These decisions may seem far away, but you do not want to change your name and hurt your brand and recognizability in the process. You want a name that reflects your core business, but is also equipped for the future.