Product photography

Product photography is an essential part of every online store. Good product images let you attract and retain visitors. So, what are the key elements you need to be aware of? And how can image editing services help you with product photography in your online store?


High-quality product photos not only give your online store a professional look, but it can also increase your conversion and customer satisfaction score. It is not without reason there is a saying that says “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Some think photos are more important than text

Product photography in ecommerceThere are studies that show that website visitors value product photos and videos better than product information while they are browsing ecommerce websites. Of course, it depends on the products you sell whether product photos are so important. You can imagine that for a new set of ink cartridges product photos are less important than for a pair of shoes or some nice jewelry. But still, the bottom line is you should invest in some proper product photos.

For a new set of ink cartridges product photography is less important than for a pair of shoes.

Why is product photography so important?

You should look at product photography as one of the marketing tools you use to boost your conversion, to retain visitors and to decrease the number of online shoppers leaving their shopping cart. That makes it even more surprising that most online stores don’t use proper product photos.

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Here’s why goods product photos are important:

  • Product photos give consumers a good impression of what they can expect, which is especially important in ecommerce;
  • They grab the attention and lead the visitor’s eyes to your product;
  • Product photos can increase the trustworthiness of your online store, especially when you use professional-looking photos

Why not use the photos the manufacturer uses?

Many (starting) online stores make use of the product photos sent by the manufacturer or distributor. Basically, there’s nothing wrong with this practice per se. It’s cheap and you may assume the photos sent by the manufacturer or distributor are accurate, relevant, and of decent quality.

However, we suggest that if you have a budget for this, try to invest in shooting your own product photos. There are several reasons why you should consider this. The most important one is: with your own pictures, your online store becomes more unique. Instead of showcasing pictures many other retailers also might show, you

What do studies say about product photography?

A 2014 study on the impact of product photos on online consumer purchase intention shows that a visual presentation of a product does influence the consumer’s purchase intention. “In general, consumers prefer product photos with a larger key object, lower entropy on key objects, a warmer color, a higher contrast, a higher depth-of-field, and more social presence. Such findings can be used in practice to direct the product presentations in ecommerce websites.”

And a study by CXL shows that for experience-driven products (like T-shirts) smaller images produce more attention, while for spec-driven products (like a hard drive) larger images resulted in more visual attention. The findings of another study on the effect of product photos on purchase intention indicate that demonstrating the usage of a product is as crucial as depicting the product itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about product photography. And their answers of course.

What's important when taking photos for fashion items?

A detailed photo better shows what a product is made of.
A detailed photo better shows what a product is made of.

For fashion items such as dresses, T-shirts, pants, shoes, and jewelry, two things are important.

First, you need to show what an item looks like when it’s worn. If you can afford it, use several models with different skin tone, size, and sex to showcase your products. The better the customer feels represented by the model, the higher the chance the item will fit and suit the customer.

Second, you need to focus on details. If you sell a T-shirt, you can use product photography in which the whole shirt is shown, but you should also add some pictures where you focus on details such as fabric and print.

What's important when taking photos for electrical and electronic items?

Don't forget to show the back of the smartphone!
Don’t forget to show the back of the smartphone!

For electrical and electronic items, such as smartphones, game consoles, and TV sets, it’s important to show different angles and views.

Take smartphones for example. More often than not they are more than just a handy device; they are almost fulltime fashion accessories. Customers care about the bezel, buttons, smooth corners, and the quality of the glass. So, show these in your product photos. The better you inform your visitors, the higher the chance is they will buy their desired products.