Online-only players most popular among UK fashion shoppers

Online-only players most popular among UK fashion shoppers

Ecommerce is, of course, very popular now the physical stores are closed in many countries across Europe. But online-only retailers seem to really reap the rewards of having a strong digital infrastructure. In the UK, online-only retailers are now the number-one purchasing channel for fashion shoppers.

This means that online-only retailers like Asos and Boohoo are in favor of high-street retailers’ online sites, department stores, brand stores and Amazon. A new study, called ‘Fighting for the future of fashion’ even shows that 69 percent of fashion spending in the United Kingdom now takes place online.

69% of fashion shopping happens online.

“As non-essential shops in the UK reopen their doors in April, it’s clear that an online offering will still be vital to converting long-awaited footfall into much-needed sales”, the researchers suggest. And they think even more fashion shopping will transition online in the coming months.

63% are more likely to buy fashion online than before

Currently, 63 percent of fashion shoppers are more likely to buy their clothing and accessories online now than they were before the pandemic. At the same time, 26 percent say they want to touch and feel a product before making a purchase.

Amazon as a fashion retailer is growing

Amazon is still not the fashion player it probably wants to be, but the company’s role in the fashion market is growing. Currently, it’s the most visited fashion website amongst consumers in the UK: 60 percent of fashion shoppers visit Amazon to shop for clothes and accessories. Still, 27 percent think Amazon needs to improve its overall look and feel for them to shop at Amazon more regularly.

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