Online supermarket myEnso lets customers decide

Online supermarket myEnso lets customers decide

MyEnso is a new online marketplace for food in Germany and wants to do things totally different than established parties. The most important part of the company’s vision is the customer focus. With myEnso, only the consumer decides on innovation, product listing or service offerings.

Nothing on this website goes live without a test or a survey among customers. The startup really wants to bring consumers and manufacturers together for the first time. MyEnso’s goal is to have a purchase and sales platform that meets all the needs and expectations of consumers. “Everything is designed for maximum customer orientation”, co-founder Norbert Hegmann explains.

First test in Bremen

MyEnso was founded last year in Bremen and this is where the new online marketplace is currently testing its platform. In May this year, the first test was run with the Convivo Group in Bremen, where myenso supplied retirement homes with its supermarket products. Two months later, 45 retirement homes have signed contracts with the online marketplace.

New logistics center and partnership program

This month, Bremen functions as the first serious test market, with 2,000 consumers who will co-design myEnso. Later this autumn, a warehouse of over 100,000 square meters will be revitalized and along with logistics company BLG Logistics and Grenzebach Maschinen, myEnso will develop a new logistics center on the property.

At the end of this year, probably about 70 retirement homes and their 8,000 clients in Bremen, Hannover and Hamburg will have signed with myEnso, which will start the first robotics proving ground in its warehouse in December. Also that month, myEnso wants to attain a thousand customers as members of its partnership program. And in January, the startup will begin its rollout throughout Germany, starting by delivering to retirement homes and offices in the country’s 15 biggest cities.

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