OPLOG raises 11 million euros

OPLOG raises 11 million euros

OPLOG, a fulfilment company from Turkey, has raised 11 million euros. With the money, OPLOG will open a warehouse in the United Kingdom before the end of the year. Additionally, the company wants to use robotics in its fulfilment centers starting next year.

OPLOG, founded in 2013, is a fulfilment company based in Istanbul. The company offers smart warehouses which handle everything from product storage to order preparation and delivery.

United Kingdom warehouse

Now, the fulfilment service has raised 11 million euros in funding. With the capital injection, OPLOG has plans to open a warehouse in the United Kingdom before the end of 2022. Currently, the company operates warehouses in Turkish cities Gebze, Dilovasi and Ankara.

In-house robotics

The money will also go towards further product research and development. OPLOG is known for its own robotics branch called TARQAN. The company says it wants to operate in-house robotics in its fulfilment centers starting the first quarter of 2023. Each warehouse is said to use up to 50 robots.

‘OPLOG founded to drive e-commerce forward’

According to OPLOG, the company has seen 91 percent year-on-year growth in fulfilled units. Founder and Chief Executive Halit Develioglu comments on the company website: “OPLOG was founded nine years ago and bootstrapped until today to drive e-commerce forward by enabling global businesses, and brands, to offer seamless post-purchase experiences to their customers.”

OPLOG says it has seen 91% YOY-growth in fulfilled units.

He continues: “I am grateful to Esas for their support and investment and look forward to working closely together with them as OPLOG enters the next phase of our remarkable journey.”



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