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Otto will offer ecommerce training course in 2018

Next year, it will be possible to follow a training course in Germany in order to become an online retailer. The Otto Group, with companies such as Baur, Bonprix and Otto, is behind the initiative that should lead to more professional German online retailers in the coming years.


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Although ecommerce is booming in Germany, there aren’t any training regulations for wholesale-, export- or online retail traders. If you want to learn how to do it, you just have to do this on your own initiative. But next year, this will change with a new training course, put together to develop new online retailers. In August 2018, the first group of trainees will start with the course.

Several companies from the Otto Group have initiated the development of the new ecommerce training and are among the first companies in Germany who will offer the training course in the near future, the press release makes clear. “What’s interesting is that there were trainees from various companies from the Otto Group itself who, as part of a project work, compiled and structured the possible training content.”

Due to the weighty support from the Otto Group, major organizations and institutions could be convinced of the urgency of a new training. The Otto Group is also one of the world’s leading online retailers and thus can provide a great environment for advanced training in the digital domain.

Bachelor Program E-Commerce

For six years, the Otto Group has endowed the Bachelor Program E-Commerce at the University of Applied Sciences Wedel. There, it offers a basic training in 7 semesters of a Bachelor’s degree and a 3-semester Master’s course, which both combine the topics of business IT, media IT and business administration.