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Perfume retailer Douglas will also sell erotic products

The German perfume retailer Douglas will add erotic items to its product range in the near future. With various scented waters, cleansing elixirs, nourishing creams and a high quality makeup line the company is an import place for shoppers looking for beauty products. And soon these shoppers can also shop at Douglas for vibrators and other adult toys.

In its online store, Douglas claims to offer “die ganze Welt der Schönheit” (the whole world of beauty). But soon it won’t be only perfume, creme, cosmetics, hair products and some accessoires like jewelry, bags and bathroom stuff Douglas sells online, as it has plans to offer erotic products as well.

Perfectly sensible move to sell erotic products online
According to Onlinehä, Douglas’s move to sell such products seems “perfectly sensible and carries future potential”. The perfume retailer told the German website that in “the near future the existing product range will feature a selection of stylish products in the erotic field”. With these sensual products, Douglas also wants to pay special attention to quality, while offering “noble and top quality branded goods from well-known manufacturers”.

Quote by Douglas

The erotic addition might be a quite remarkable range extension, the main focus of the perfume chain will continue to be on beauty products. The integration of adult products will change nothing in the focus of Douglas “but rather enriches the wide range with another facet of the beautiful things in life”, as the German company states.

Douglas Holding AG was officially founded in 1949 but has its roots in 1821, when the perfume and soap factory J. S. Douglas Söhne was founded in Hamburg. Nowadays Douglas owns more than 1,900 stores, mainly in Germany, Europe and the United States.

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