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Pixmania acquires daily deals site Oooferton

Pixmania has announced the acquisition of Oooferton, a Spanish website that offers three daily deals within the consumer electronics sector. The goal of this acquisition is to strengthen its Spanish activities as well as the expansion in the refurbished goods sector.


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Oooferton was founded in 2009 by Sergi Rodríguez and Luis Krug. Back then it was one of the few daily deals sites in Spain. The company reported positive earnings last year and seven-digit revenues. Co-founder Krug told website Novobrief that the plan is to double sales in 2015.

Further expand in the Spanish ecommerce market
According to European based ACTIVE Venture Partners, that backed Oooferton in 2010 with 500,000 euros, the daily deals is an “ideal complement to the already existing offer of Pixmania”. Philipp Schroeder, founding partner of the venture capital firm, announced on the company blog to be excited for the Oooferton team to join Pixmania to open this new chapter. “Together they can leverage their complementary skillsets to further expand in the Spanish ecommerce market”, he commented.

As the Spanish website Novobrief sees it, the acquisition comes at an interesting time. Two weeks ago, the website wrote an interesting piece about how the daily deals sector in Spain is collapsing. “Three to five years ago there were more than 20 or 30 companies in the space, these days the market is dominated by two main companies.” But also, things aren’t going that well with Pixmania. The French ecommerce company was sold two years ago to Mutares, following losses of almost 40 million euros in 2013.

Krug says they plan to integrate Oooferton’s data base into that of Pixmania and that their model could be expanded and replicated in some of Pixmania’s core markets. With the acquisition, Pixmania also acquired Oooferton’s team, its process structure and the logistic warehouse in Spain.