Platform Group expands to France

Platform Group expands to France

The Platform Group, which has been selling fashion and shoes online in Germany for years through its brands Schuhe24 and Outfits24, is expanding to France. It launched shopping portal EnVogue, which is aimed at online fashion shoppers from France.

The company launched just before Christmas. “Our goal was to set up a new EU market as a platform project: connect dealers, launch an online shop and set up an office onsite. is the prelude here, and I’m pleased that we are now internationalizing”, CEO Dominik Benner said.

Over 2,000 dealers from Schuhe24 and Outfits24 went live on the new portal. This month, the connection of French retailers will take place, directly through the retailers’ ERP systems.

Over 2,000 dealers went live on EnVogue.

Second international website for The Platform Group

Previously, was the only international website for shoe retailers at Schuhe24. EnVogue is now expanding their opportunities. “Last year, with the coronavirus, was even more difficult for retailers in France than in Germany, so it’s imperative to help with digitization here”, CFO Joachim Frost comments. “But the corona restrictions are making it a little bit difficult to open the office at the moment, we actually wanted to do this last month”, he adds.

Italy could be the next foreign market

If France happens to be successful in mid-2021, The Platform Group will focus on the next foreign market. This will probably be Italy. “We have a very fragmented specialist dealer structure there, as well as high-quality brands. Our system is now scalable, which means we can easily apply it to new markets and countries”, Benner explains.

About The Platform Group

The Platform Group is a company from Wiesbaden, Germany, which owns several online shopping portals, such as Schuhe24, Outfits24, Taschen24, Bike-angebo and Dein Juwelier. In December last year, the group’s name was changed from the Schuhe24-Gruppe to The Platform Group, to better represent its ambitions.

The Platform Group is the new name of the Schuhe24-Gruppe.

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