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PrestaShop partners with Alipay

PrestaShop partners with Alipay

Prestashop, an open-source ecommerce solution from France, has announced it agreed to a partnership with Alipay, Alibaba’s leading online payment solution from China. The partnership applies to PrestaShop’s customers in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands and enables retailers to sell their products more easily in China.


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The announced partnership gives the 250,000 online retailers who use PrestaShop the ability to sell their products in the strongly growing ecommerce market of China, which has more than 642 million active internet users and 565 million mobile internet users.

As of today, about 50 percent of all online payments in China are processed by Alipay. According to PrestaShop, the fact there’s a high demand from Chinese consumers for European products – baby products, maternity products, food supplements, cosmetics and fashion in particular – makes the Chinese ecommerce industry very interesting for European retailers.

“We are delighted to be working with Alipay, because this offers our community a unique opportunity. Many of our customers opt for our software because of the integrated global capabilities. This partnership is an important step for every retailer who wants to enter this fast-growing ecommerce market”, says Corinne Lejbowicz, CEO of PrestaShop.

The Alipay Cross Border Online Payment module is now available in the PrestaShop Addons Marketplace, where retailers can download it and integrate it in their online stores. According to Rita Liu, who is the manager of Europe, the Middle-East and Russia at Alipay, integrating new payment solutions is tough, even for big international retailers. “Let alone for small and medium-sized enterprises. That’s why we want to make sure retailers can offer their products and services on the Chinese market more easily. We want Chinese consumers to shop whatever they want, inside and outside of China”, she says.  “By working together with PrestaShop, we are opening a whole new market for European retailers while ensuring our Chinese customers can keep using the payment method they trust and prefer.”

PrestaShop partners with Alipay