Promofarma experiments with one-hour delivery

Promofarma experiments with one-hour delivery

Spanish pharmacy network Promofarma wants to deliver products to customers a lot faster than it currently does and is thus testing one-hour delivery. The new service will initially start only in Spain, but expanding to other countries in Europe is something they are thinking about.

In the future, Promofarma wants to deliver products to consumers in just one hour. The ecommerce website, which has a network of 500 pharmacies across the country, is now experimenting with this service in Spain, where it was acquired by Zur Rose Group two months ago.

One-hour delivery through Promofarma

“Through Promofarma, we are able to deliver our medicines in Spain within one hour”, Olaf Heinrich, the CEO of Zur Rose subsidary DocMorris, told the WirtschaftsWoche. He thinks the logistics service would also be possible and conceivable in Germany. So far, DocMorris delivers medication usually 24 hours after an order has been placed.

Expansion to France and Italy

WirtschaftsWoche cites industry insiders who say DocMorris wants to arm against Amazon entering the online pharmacy industry in Germany. The company, with its headquarters in the Netherlands, is also planning to further expand internationally. “We want to expand to France and Italy next year”, Heinrich announced.

About Promofarma

Promofarma is an online marketplace that sells the assortment of hundreds of pharmacies and manufacturers. Through the ecommerce website, the company sells all kinds of consumer health, beauty and personal care products that are commonly sold in pharmacies in Spain. Promofarma is active in 20 countries across Europe and generated a total revenue of 19 million euros last year.


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