Retail platform Shopdaheim is a success

Retail platform Shopdaheim is a success

The German retail platform Shopdaheim is a success. Four weeks after the launch, almost 10.000 dealer addresses from 41 different industries are listed. Every day, clicks in the six-figure range generated through the platform.

Shopdaheim is a platform that gives all stationary retailers the opportunity to register free of charge and indicate the location(s) of their shops. Using a search function, customers can then search for participating retailers in their area and, if desired, filter them by branch.

Retailers can register free of charge.

Retailer information

On Shopadaheim.de they can then find more information about the retailer, such as contact options, address and opening times. And, if available, they can be forward to the accompanying website of the retailer.

Some new names connected to the platform are Deutsche Post, DHL, Intersport and drug store Dm. Shopdaheim was launched last month to help consumers support their local traders, ever since they are hit by the effects of the corona pandemic.

Set up by Thalia, Mayersche and Osiander

It was set up by the German book stores Thalia, Mayersche and Osiander. They wanted to support the ongoing solidarity and mutual support among the German population. “Together we want to use the reach and numerous contacts of our book stores to make Shopdaheim the future retail platform for many retailers and their customers.”

We want to make Shopdaheim the future retail platform.

Shopdaheim in Austria

In Germany, eBuch, KNV Zeitfracht, Libri and Umbreit are also behind the initiative. In Austria, where there’s also a Shopdaheim platform with about 250 addresses currently listed, initiators are Thalia, Mayersche and Osiander as well as Morawa, KNV Zeitfracht, Buch Media and Libri.


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