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Retailers Bonn want to continue with AllyouneedCity

Retailers in the German city of Bonn want to continue with the online platform AllyouneedCity, which started last year but is set to quit. The local subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL’s online marketplace Allyouneed was a success among Bonn retailers and they are now looking for a partner that wants to continue with the online platform.

In November of last year, DHL started the local retail platform AllyouneedCity in Bonn. The online marketplace was meant for local retailers who could then compete online more effectively. The website enables consumers to browse through the assortment of several local stores, purchase products and then have them delivered to their homes.

Part of discontinues Allyouneed

AllyouneedCity is part of Allyouneed, the online marketplace DHL is about to discontinue. “During the last eight years, we’ve achieved a lot with Allyouneed and we’ve done good business together. However, the experience of recent years has also shown us we don’t necessarily have to be the operator of an online marketplace like to have success”, Deutsche Post DHL told its marketplace partners.

‘Any platform operator will heave it easier now’

City-Marketing Bonn is now hoping a new partner wants to operate the online platform. The chairman of the association, Karina Kröber, thinks that any successor as the operator of AllyouneedCity will have it easier now. “We are open to any kind of offers”, a DHL spokesman has said. The company is open to a new operator for the online platform, while it would continue the logistics part, ie the shipment of the goods to the customer.