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Scurri raises 9 million euros

Scurri raises 9 million euros

Scurri, a delivery management platform from Ireland, has secured 9 million euros in a new funding round. The software provider wants to use the money to accelerate its growth in the United Kingdom.

It’s not the first time Scurri has raised money. For example, in March 2014 it raised 1.2 million euros. The Ireland-based company has now raised a total of 15.3 million euros in funding, to date.

70% of revenue from the UK

Scurri currently generates over 70 percent of its revenue from the United Kingdom and will power more than 100 million parcel deliveries this year. With its cloud-based software, retailers can create labels, track shipments from dispatch to delivery and provide analytics.

Scurri wants to triple the workforce.

Currently, 45 people work for the Irish company, but now it has announced plans to triple the workforce to over 120 employees in the next two years.

‘Pandemic and Brexit increased the demand’

“The pandemic and the resulting acceleration of ecommerce adoption as well as trading and logistic complexities arising from Brexit have essentially resulted in significantly increased demand for reliable delivery management software and solutions”, CEO and Founder of Scurri, Rory O’Connor, comments.

Scurri moved into profitability ahead of schedule.

He says that for Scurri, this effectively represents a number of years’ advancement of the UK market in terms of online penetration and that’s why his company now wants to advance its growth and investment plans.

Both the company’s transaction volume and value are now in excess of 100 percent annual growth, which means Scurri has now moved into profitability ahead of schedule.


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