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Shipment management solution ITinSell launches in the UK

ITinSell, a French company that sells delivery tracking tools designed for online retailers, has launched in the United Kingdom. After opening offices in Paris, Lille, Lyon and Barcelona it now launched its operations in London.

ITinSell has a solution for logistics companies and online retailers so their customers can track the entire delivery process from a single page. Retailers can communicate with their customers via a branded tracking page, which provides information about the progress of the order in real time. This way, customers are kept in the retailer’s domain rather than directing them to a carrier’s website.

To keep customers fully informed
Customers receive notifications, via email or SMS, at various stages of the delivery process, including when there are some problems with the delivery. And after a parcel is delivered, the customer will get instructions about how to make a return and will get the opportunity to report any problems and to rate the carrier. All this is done to keep customers fully informed, so the number of inbound calls to the retailer is reduced significantly.

The SaaS solution, accessible via any device, also provides a centralized international tracking system for multiple carriers. The delivery performance of different carriers can be tracked, analyzed and compared, so it’s easy to identify which carrier is most efficient for deliveries to specific areas.

Co-founder and CMO Florian Cimetière thinks his company offers something that’s really valuable, as organizations often invest more money in acquiring new customers than in building the loyalty of existing ones. “Even though it is well known that acquiring a new customer costs far more than keeping an existing one”, he says. “Most online retailers consider deliveries and logistics to be the responsibility of the carrier, but in order to build customer loyalty and satisfaction you need to keep control of the entire delivery process. Letting the customer have a full view of where their parcel is, without having to leave your website, helps to build their trust and increase their loyalty.”

About ITinSell
ITinSell was founded in 2008 and has offices in France, Spain and now also in the United Kingdom. It has more than 1,500 international customers including Toys “R” Us, M&M’s and La Redoute.