Shopee enters Europe

Shopee enters Europe

Shopee, a popular online shopping platform from Singapore, is ready to make its debut in Europe. The ecommerce company is preparing to launch in Poland. The company is part of Sea, whose gaming arm Garena is already active in Europe.

As Shopee is preparing to open its ecommerce website in Poland, the company is currently recruiting sellers, sources told Reuters. It will be the first expansion into European ecommerce for the tech group from Singapore.

Busy expanding across the world

Shopee is busy expanding across the world, after launching websites in Latin America earlier this year and now preparing to launch in India as well. And it will also launch in Argentina in the coming months.

Shopee is part of Sea, a dominant ecommerce player in Southeast Asia.

Shopee is part of Sea, which is a dominant ecommerce player in Southeast Asia. It generated over 1 billion euros globally in revenue for the most recent quarter.

‘Shopee will partner with DPD and InPost’

The news was first published by Polish news website, who learned from online sellers that they have been receiving phone calls from the Asian company with a proposal for cooperation that would start in August. It’s said Shopee has also signed supply contract with DPD and InPost.

Shopee was founded in 2015 and its gross merchandise value reached over 8.5 billion euros in 2018, thanks to over 600 million transactions on the platform. The website was already on the list of the 10 largest ecommerce websites in the world, in terms of number of visits per month, two years ago.

Competing with local ecommerce giant Allegro

In Poland, Shopee will face serious competition from local ecommerce giant Allegro. To attract sellers, Shopee will offer them commission-free trading for the first six months and no subscription fee. And to attract customers, Shopee will also offer free delivery with no minimum order value right after its debut in Poland.

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