Ecommerce in Poland

Poland is the ninth largest country in Europe and with a population of over 38 million people, it is the sixth most populous EU country. Its ecommerce market continues to grow. Online shopping is expected to take up 20 percent of all retail sales by 2026.

Population 37.95 million people
Internet users (% of population) 84%
Online sales €22 billion (2020)
Online stores worth mentioning RTV Euro AGD, Dbam o Zdrowie, Rossman


Ecommerce customers in Poland

There are over 37 million people living in Poland, of which 86 percent are internet users. In 2022, 90 percent of Polish internet users shopped online. Back in 2019, this number was still at 57 percent. Over the pandemic, the number of online shoppers in Poland has increased greatly.

Ecommerce in poland

Top product categories in Poland by revenue share (2021):

1. Fashion (45%)

2. Electronics & Media (19%)

3. Toys, Hobby & DIY (15%)

4. Furniture and Appliances (11%)

5. Food & Personal Care (10%)

According to EcommerceDB, fashion is the most popular product category in Poland. This segment accounts for as much as 45 percent of ecommerce revenue, later followed by electronics with 19 percent.

When it comes to paying for the products and services Polish consumers buy online, Blik and bank transfer are the most popular payment options, followed by credit card. With 30 percent, the local payment method Blik is the most popular, while 27 percent prefer online bank transfers and 21 percent prefer to use their credit card.

Preferred payment methods in Poland (source: Nets)
Preferred payment methods in Poland (source: Nets)

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The ecommerce market in Poland

In 2021, Polish ecommerce reached a value of 28.9 billion dollars according to the United States International Trade Administration. Ecommerce in Poland has been growing with double digits in the past couple of years. By 2026, online shopping is expected to make up 20 percent of all retail sales in the country.

Leading online stores in Poland

Allegro is a popular online store for Polish shoppers

In 2020, about 11,000 new ecommerce websites and online stores were launched in Poland. A very popular shopping site in Poland is that of mass merchant It was already the leading website in Polish ecommerce in 2011. At the time, Allegro had 40 million users in its homeland and a 50 percent annual revenue increase in 2012 compared to the year before. Other popular online stores in Poland are,,, Komputronik, Empik Digital & Publishing and

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