Shopify increases prices in April

Shopify increases prices in April

Leading ecommerce platform Shopify has increased its prices for new customers in the United States. The change is expected to be implemented in Europe soon, as well. Current customers will notice the price change in three months.

Costs tech companies

Just like other tech companies, Shopify is dealing with increased costs. In July last year, the ecommerce software provider laid off 10 percent of its staff. This came down to 1,000 jobs. In a blog post, Shopify shared that the increased prices for its customers are related to the high costs of the company.

Basic subscription now costs 39 dollars a month

New customers based in the United States can already see the new prices on the website. The basic subscription now costs 39 dollars a month (35.84 euros). However, customers based in Europe are still shown the old prices (21 euros per month, billed yearly).

After April 23rd, the new prices will apply to everyone.

New customers can still take advantage of Shopify’s trial period of 3 months, for 1 euro. After that, the new pricing will be debited. The company advises its customers to switch to the annual plan now, instead of paying monthly. If customers renew an annual plan before April 23rd, they can use the old rates for another year.



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