Swiss fashion brand Strellson sells clothes for Facebook likes

Swiss fashion brand Strellson sells clothes for Facebook likes

Strelsson, Switzerland’s biggest menswear manufacturer, opened an online shop where consumers won’t need to pay money to get a fashion item. In order to be the owner of a trench coat or pair of jeans, consumers need to collect a certain amount of Facebook likes on a shared post.

Strellson’s Like Shop is part of its original online store, but the biggest difference is there’s no way you can pay with euros of Francs. The Swiss company says it’s the first online shop where you can pay with likes. “All you need to do to get your favorite look from our collection: choose it, share it with a personalized Facebook post and encourage your friends to pay for it – with their likes.”

Friends and family of the customer have to click on the link in the generated post and like the entry on the website. Likes of the actual Facebook post won’t count towards the like score. At the moment, a polo shirt is being sold for just 50 likes, while a leather jacket costs 500 likes. Currently, 14 items are up for sale, although one is already sold out.

Improving brand recognition

The Like Shop was made by advertising agency Serviceplan Campaign X, which says the aim of the campaign is to “achieve a viral effect using like requests and post-sharing with the aim of broadening the community and improving brand recognition.”

Strellson's Like Shop.
Strellson’s Like Shop.
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