Amazon Germany: turnover 34 billion euros in 2023

Amazon Germany: turnover 34 billion euros in 2023

Last year, ecommerce giant Amazon was able to generate a turnover of 34 billion euros in Germany, with the sales of its products and services. This was a growth of 12 percent compared to a year earlier. Its trade income in that year is estimated at 22.8 billion euros.

Earlier this month, the online marketplace released its annual report for 2023. The report also contained information about its sales in Germany. The total of 34 billion euros (37.6 billion dollars) also includes Prime subscriptions, cloud services, marketing revenue and more.

Amazon’s trade income in Germany in 2023 was 22.8 billion euros.

Based on these global figures, ecommerce management consultancy Carpathia has estimated Amazon Germany’s trade income. They estimate that it made 22.8 billion euros with its proprietary trading and marketplace business.’s GMV was 46.5 billion euros

Additionally, the research tried to indicate the sales Amazon achieved in Germany in total, with its own trading and partner sellers on the marketplace. This is indicated by the company’s estimated GMV. In 2023, that would be 46.5 billion euros.

The company’s GMV increased 4.8%.

Of that GMV, 18.61 billion euros are estimated sales by itself. Compared to 2022, this is a growth of 4.8 percent. Partner sellers made sales of an estimated 27.92 billion euros. This is a growth of 4.8 percent as well. According to the report, the marketplace share is 60 percent.

1.2 billion euros in Switzerland

The research also looked at Amazon’s trading in Switzerland. It is estimated that the company generated 1.2 billion euros in the country by its retail trade. The company’s GMV in Switzerland is estimated to have grown 12 percent in 2023.



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