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Swiss Post tests order button with Migros, Domino’s and Qualipet

Swiss Post is testing a new device that makes shopping online a lot easier. Around 1,000 households in Switzerland can order products and services by using the Post Home Button, which is nothing more than a small device with a button. Migros Aare, Qualipet and Domino’s Pizza have also joined the experiment.


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Swiss Post is testing the device with its own products and services in the regions of Olten, Liestal and Sissach until the end of August, but the company is also partnering with other retailers. Cooperative supermarket Migros Aare, pet store Qualipet and restaurant chain Domino’s Pizza are also using the button to test whether the technology can simplify the process for ordering their own products.

How the Home Button works

The small device sends the retailer a signal via at wireless network at the push of a button. So, it literally takes one click to request a service or to place an order. The Home Button is able to identify product codes that customers can scan to order something online.

With the Migros test for example, once the order has been received, it will be confirmed by SMS and consumers get their order delivered to their door free of charge the next day.