Veepee’s Re-Cycle launches in Spain

Veepee’s Re-Cycle launches in Spain

Veepee’s second-hand platform, Re-Cycle, collects used products of members of the platform to resell or recycle them. It was founded in France two years ago, but is now making its entry into Spain. This is the first international expansion of the platform.

French online shop Veepee is a website that sells brand overstock through flash sales exclusively to its members. The shop was formerly known as Vente-Privee, but it merged with five of its other brands to from a one-stop online shop two years ago.

Service to collect used items

In 2020, the company launched its Re-Cycle service. Veepee users can register their used product through Re-Cycle. Veepee will then collect the item. Depending on the condition of the item, it will either be resold or recycled.

‘Members receive coupons after using Re-Cycle.’

The service is not just a way for members to get rid of their used products, customers receive coupons after using it. These are redeemable in physical stores or in the online channel of partner brands. So far, the service has collected about twenty-five tons of products.

First international expansion

Now, Veepee is expanding the service internationally for the first time, to its members in Spain. “Re-Cycle is an initiative aligned with Veepee’s DNA and the principle of circularity, as it allows us to offer a new solution to brands to face the challenges of the product life cycle”, said Albert Serrano Pons, general manager of Veepee in Spain.

For its first campaign, it has partnered with Majorcan footwear brand Camper. Users receive a voucher worth twenty euros to use at the brand’s store in exchange for donating a pair of shoes.

‘Veepee will establish a warehouse of 2.500 m² for Re-Cycle.’

To support further expansion, Veepee is also going to establish a warehouse of 2.500 square meters that will handle the global logistics for Re-Cycle in Spain. According to the company, it is also hiring around twenty warehouse workers.



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