Visma acquires

Visma acquires

Norwegian provider of accounting software Visma is acquiring Myonlinestore. For the time being, Visma indicates that Myonlinestore will continue its business activities as an independent organization. The link between online store software, accounting software and inventory management will increase the organization’s profits. Myonlinestore will soon integrate its software with other Visma companies.

Myonlinestore is a Dutch company that helps Belgian and Dutch businesses set up an online store. It was founded in 2005 and since then, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs sell products and services through the platform. It processes thousands of orders every day, which account for around 300 million euros in turnover per year.

Expanding Visma’s position

In recent years, Myonlinestore has rolled out an international software solution, but to this day the provider has a strong position in the Netherlands and Belgium. The software is now available in Dutch, French and English.

‘Myonline store can continue its own strategy.’

“Under Visma’s wings, we get extra power to realize our growth ambition: expanding our strong position in the ecommerce landscape in the Netherlands and Belgium”, says Danny de Pee, COO of Myonlinestore. “We are continuing our own strategy, while taking advantage of the scale of a European software company. This is why Visma and Myonlinestore are a good match.”

‘Growth opportunity for accounting software’

The acquisition is an interesting move for Visma because Myonlinestore offers a good combination of Visma’s accounting program and stock management software Brincr. This will allow small entrepreneurs to benefit from a more accessible ecommerce platform, including accounting and inventory management.

‘We can now offer an accessible ecommerce solution.’

“We are very pleased that Myonlinestore is now part of the Visma family because we can now offer an accessible ecommerce solution. Entrepreneurs can easily set up their online store, without the need for technical knowledge”, says John Reynders, Area Director Benelux at Visma.

With the acquisition of Myonlinestore, Visma is taking a big step in the ever-growing ecommerce industry in the Netherlands and Belgium. “All those entrepreneurs using Myonlinestore also need accounting and inventory management. This gives Visma the opportunity to offer them our other software for accounting, inventory management and payroll software”, says John Reynders.



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