Visual fitting room AstraFit launches new widget

Visual fitting room AstraFit launches new widget

The Ukranian company AstraFit, which offers an online fitting room that can be implemented in ecommerce websites, has launched a new version of its widget. With this tool, online fashion retailers should be able to increase their conversion as customers are now better able to choose the right size.

When a customer visits a website where the AstraFit widget is being used, he or she can enter his or her body measurements. The customer fills in how big the chest, waist, hips, arm and height are, after which a score is generated. The customer can now see, for example, how well a M-sized dress will fit. A score between 0 and 10 shows how the fashion item will feel on every part of the body. The tool also shows the estimated (sleeve) length, information about the fabric and its elasticity and a comparative table of scores for other sizes.

AstraFit score

Reduced number of abandoned shopping carts

One of the retailers working with AstraFit, MustHave, reduced the number of abandoned shopping carts by 52 percent, while the total conversion rate increased by 63 percent. “We also reduced the burden on our call center by eliminating the need for our employees to spend a lot of time trying to help customers choose a size”, the retailer explains.

The widget can be tested in the online store of Modahunt.

About AstraFit

AstraFit was founded in 2012 and worked for over two years on its virtual fitting room widget. According to the company, there are over 30 online stored and shopping clubs across Ukraine and Russia who use the tool. Today, AstraFit serves more than 1 million virtual try-on’s each month.


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