Ukranian government launches Made with Bravery

Ukranian government launches Made with Bravery

The Ukranian government has launched an online marketplace called Made with Bravery. Brands and makers from the Ukraine can sell their products on the platform. Of every purchase, 5 percent is donated to the United24 platform, which collects donations to help rebuild the country.

The marketplace, Made with Bravery, will showcase typical Ukrainian products, as well as merchandise. The product range currently mostly consists of fashion items and merchandise with slogans like ‘bravery’ and ‘be brave like Ukraine’.

For Ukrainian sellers

It was launched by the government, with the idea to introduce makers from the country to the rest of the world. The platform is, among others, supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Bureau for Entrepreneurship and Export.

Sellers can add their products after completing an online identification. They have to be Ukrainian and be a business entity. Additionally, a seller needs to have proof of selling high-quality goods in the Ukrainian market.

‘Sellers can scale their business’

‘’The online marketplace is a great opportunity to show cool goods and products of Ukrainian companies to the general public. Ukraine has brave entrepreneurs and first-class brands that the whole world should know about. This platform will allow the business to scale and find new customers”, said Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister, Digital Transformation Minister of Ukraine.

‘The platform means profit and jobs for Ukrainians.’

“This means profit, jobs, an opportunity to contribute and keep the economy of Ukraine at a stable level. In addition, this is another opportunity for people from other countries to learn about Ukraine and support us.”

Donations to United24

At least 5 percent of the price of each purchased item is transferred to United24 by the marketplace. United24 is a Ukrainian fundraising platform. The funds will be directed to programs to rebuild the country. If customers use a Visa card to pay for their order, an additional 5 percent will be transferred to the fundraising platform.



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