14% more ecommerce companies in Ukraine since 2019

14% more ecommerce companies in Ukraine since 2019

The number of ecommerce companies in Ukraine has increased by 14 percent since the beginning of 2019. In the same period, the average income of domestic online sellers has grown 1.5 times.

Especially, ecommerce companies located in the cities of Dnipro and Kiev have shown some significant growth in average income, 72 and 70 percent respectively. And more than 30 percent of all profits from sales on global marketplaces go the accounts of ecommerce companies located in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

Profit growth of 69 percent

This is shown in a report by Payoneer, which conducted a study about ecommerce in Ukraine. It found that there are now 14 percent more online retailers in this Eastern European country than at the beginning of 2019. And during the same amount of time, the overall profit growth of online retailers Ukraine grew 69 percent.

Most ecommerce profit is made in Kiev.

According to this study, over half (53 percent) of total profits of ecommerce companies in Ukraine comes from five cities across the country. These cities had the highest average income of ecommerce during the first quarter of this year: Odessa, Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv, and Kharkiv, with online sellers from Odessa generating an average income that was 16 percent higher than in Kiev.

42 percent of Internet users buy online

The Payoneer study also shows that at the beginning of this year, Ukraine had the largest number of regular ecommerce users in years. While in the third quarter of last year, 33 percent of Internet users shopped online, that share has now increase to 42 percent. This means that in total, there about 11 million people in Ukraine who shop online. The most popular product categories online are clothing, household appliances and cosmetics.

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