Why Amazon isn’t a fashion leader

Why Amazon isn’t a fashion leader

Amazon isn’t the fashion leader that it – and others –  might have expected. In Germany for example, the company only ranks sixth among the top-selling online fashion retailers. So, it’s far from a market leader. But why is this? What can Amazon learn from the real fashion leaders?

Amazon still hasn’t made the big breakthrough in online fashion. And that’s quite surprising when you look at all the other sectors it entered. And crushed.

Amazon: #6 on list of top-selling online fashion retailers

But data from EcommerceDB shows that Amazon in Germany currently only ends in sixth place among the top-selling online fashion retailers.

1. Zalando
2. Otto
3. Bonprix
4. About You
5. H&M
6. Amazon Deutschland

And it’s not like Amazon isn’t trying. Just recently it announced exclusive cooperation with Savage X Fenty, the underwear brand of Rihanna. It also revealed that it will expand its personal shopping service in the future for men as well.

Amazon’s shop functionality is not designed for inspiration

But still, Amazon has trouble becoming the market leader in fashion, as it’s used to be in other product categories. A simple explanation for this could be that the shop functionality of Amazon is just not designed for inspiration. “Fashion needs a different presentation than household goods or electronics”, ecommerce expert Holger Schneider explains.

He says the filter and display options are the same, whether a consumer shops for a new skirt or a new water cooker. “For fashion in particular, however, a different, visually appealing presentation is needed”, Schneider says.”

Reference information is missing

Another problem is that there’s no uniform model photography on Amazon. “As a result, customers are missing reference information such as ‘This model is 1.80 meters tall and wears size M'”, the ecommerce expert explains. “Other fashion retailers do this much better.”

He continues: “Personally, I don’t find Amazon Fashion very inspiring. Especially, when I see so many ‘Chinese goods’ there. These are items of clothing that I could otherwise find in cheap shops like Wish.”

I don’t find Amazon Fashion very inspiring.

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