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Wildberries is Russia’s biggest clothes retailer

Wildberries is Russia’s biggest clothes retailer

Wildberries is the biggest retailer of clothes in Russia. The ecommerce player has overtaken brick-and-mortar retailer Sportsmaster as the biggest seller in this product group. It’s the first time an ecommerce outlet has become market leader.

Wildberries was already the biggest online retailer in Russia, but now it’s also the number one in selling clothes, whether that happens offline or online.

With over 500 stores throughout the country, as well as in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China , Sportmas has been the biggest seller of fashion and apparel in Russia for a long time. But as IntelliNews puts it, the company’s revenue growth has been constrained by the number of new outlets it could open.

Clothing & shoes account for 73% of turnover

In the meantime, Wildberries has been growing steadily. Earlier this year, its revenue broke through the one billion euros mark, making founder Tatyana Bakalchuck Russia’s second ever female billionaire. During the first six months of this year, the ecommerce company achieved revenues of 1.16 billion euros, with clothing, shoes and accessories accounting for 73 percent of its turnover.