Zara AR app lets customers see virtual models

Zara AR app lets customers see virtual models

Fashion retailer Zara has announced plans to roll out an augmented reality experience across 120 stores worldwide. The app can also be used by online shoppers, who will be able to hover their smartphone over a package delivered from the Zara website.

The two-week test with augmented reality will take place next month and offers customers the opportunity to hold up their phone to store windows or a sensor, after which they can see models come to life on their screens. These models will virtually walk around, wearing the selected clothes from Zara.

But it’s not only in physical stores Zara wants to attract customers with augmented reality. The functionality also allows app users at home to check out the visuals when they hold their device over a package.

The augmented reality app features models Léa Julian and Fran Summers, who star in twelve short clips that last between seven and twelve seconds. These clips are recorded as holograms on a film set with 68 different cameras.

Zara and technology

Recently, Zara has been really busy with trying and implementing new technologies. In January of this year, the Spanish fashion brand launched its first online-only pop-up store in the UK. It also increased the use of robots in its logistic chains.

Augmented reality in the fashion & beauty industry

Zara certainly isn’t the only fashion retailer that has started to embrace augmented reality. For example, Burberry added this technology to its app in September last year, while brands like Rimmel and Gap have also launched similar initiatives which lets customers try on products virtually.

Video via Economiá Digital.

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