35% of Spaniards shop online once a month

35% of Spaniards shop online once a month

A new study on the Spanish ecommerce industry shows that 35% of consumers have shopped online at least once a month. And almost half of Spanish consumers have ordered something online between one and four times last year.

The study “Retos estratégicos del FMCG y del Retail” [pdf] wants to address the challenges that arise from current consumer trends. Business Consulting asked consumers how often they bought something online and 35% have done this at least once a month, while 47% buys only between one and four times per year. The remaining 19% said they have never or just once ordered something online.

Why buy online?
Consumers were also asked what encourages them to buy online instead of going to the store. It seems that in Spain the mean reason for buying online are the cheap prices or great offers. This was followed by the ability to receive orders at home. Of course, going to the store also has its advantages. The ability to see, touch and try the products seems to be the most important factor for the majority (88%) of Spanish consumers surveyed, followed closely by getting the product immediately without having to pay for shipping costs.

Reasons for buying online

The most used device for shopping online is still the computer. It’s the most preferred method for 80% of Spanish consumers surveyed, far more than using a tablet (7%: website, 2.7%: app) or smartphone (5.5%: website, 2.7%: app).

Payment methods in Spain

Payment methods in Spanish ecommerce
Business Consulting also asked consumers about their preferred payment methods. Currently, 93% of consumers have paid in cash or by credit card, followed by PayPal. “But today’s customer demands more convenience and speed when they shop.” So it asked which payment methods consumers will use in the future. Cash and credit card will remain the essential payment methods, but its use will decline as 75% of the Spanish consumers will use this in the future. PayPal is expected to be used by half of consumers, which is 7% more than it is nowadays. The big difference comes from NFC and smartphone, the use of these payment methods will increase by 30%.