377,500 merchants use Shopify

377,500 merchants use Shopify

More than 133,000 new merchants began selling on Shopify last year. The ecommerce software of Shopify is now being used by 377,500 merchants across the globe. With the Shopify-plugin for WordPress launched last year, more and more retailers in Europe are using this ecommerce software to sell their products online.

Shopify announced the fourth quarter and full year financial results this week and one of the highlights was that the total revenue increased by 90 percent during 2016 and is now worth about 366 million euros. Its Subscription Solutions revenue grew 68 percent, while the Merchant Solutions revenue increased by 115 percent in 2016.

‘Number of Shopify merchants will continue to grow rapidly’

Shopify also explained that during the fourth quarter of last year a record number of merchants joined the ecommerce software platform. The number of merchants using Shopify has now surpassed 377,500. “We expect the number of merchants on Shopify to continue expanding rapidly and their collective sales volumes to continue to grow at a rate several times that of overall retail”, Russ Jones, CFO of Shopify, said. In March 2015, the company said there were about 162,000 merchants who use its software.

Shopify in Europe

The ecommerce software from the Canadian company is mostly being used in the United States, but also has many customers in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom. In 2015, it set up a customer service operation in Ireland, creating up to 50 jobs there. Last year, it launched an official plugin for WordPress, so owners of websites built with this CMS can add a shopping function to their website.

Shopify in Europe.
Data from Builtwith.com shows Shopify is popular in English-speaking countries and Europe.
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