4 in 5 shoppers are satisfied with delivery services

4 in 5 shoppers are satisfied with delivery services

About four out of five shoppers in the United Kingdom and Germany are satisfied with the level of parcel delivery services. An increase in new services, time scales and communications are the reason three quarters of consumers believe delivery services are improving.

This is just one of the conclusions from a survey by Hermes, among 2,000 consumers in the United Kingdom and 1,000 in Germany. The survey shows that in the UK 24 percent of shoppers were ‘very satisfied’ with delivery service levels, while 59 percent was ‘quite satisfied’. In Germany, this percentages were respectively 21 percent and 63 percent.

Hermes also asked respondents what their most preferred delivery method is. It seems home delivery is still by far the most popular option, with over 70 percent of consumers in both countries preferring this method. They stated this option was more convenient for them than click & collect.

These delivery innovations are appealing to consumers
With regards to the latest delivery innovations, the idea of a fitted, secure box outside the home for small and medium sized parcels was the most popular one (as stated by 39 percent in both the UK and Germany). Environmentally friendly electric vehicles (UK: 36%, Germany: 45%) and deliveries being made to the person rather than the address (UK: 30%, Germany: 26%) also scored well. And in the UK 27 percent likes the idea of paying an annual delivery subscription fee to a courier service, whereas in Germany this percentage is 40 percent.

Social delivery services such as Nimber are less appealing to UK and German consumers, as they were mentioned by just 10 percent in the United Kingdom and 18 percent in Germany. Other innovations that proved less appealing are paying the courier directly for delivery (UK: 11%, Germany: 8%) and delivery to the trunk of a consumer’s car (UK: 8%, Germany: 7%).


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