47.5% of Spanish online stores participate in Black Friday

47.5% of Spanish online stores participate in Black Friday

Black Friday continues to be one of the most important sales periods for Spanish small and medium-sized enterprises, especially online. This year’s edition of Black Friday takes place on 24 November and it’s expected that almost half of online stores in Spain will participate.

This is according to the second edition of a study, carried out by eBay, about Spanish SMEs operating online. The American online marketplace also revealed that last year during the Black Friday campaign its sales in Spain had increased by 20 percent compared to the 2015 campaign.

This year, the outlook is again positive, with an expected increase in the number of Spanish SMEs that will participate and a predicted growth of the total sales volume. One in three SMEs in Spain (32.3 percent) say they will participate in this year’s Black Friday, which is two percentage points higher than those who claimed to have participated last year.

28 percent of Spanish online stores participate in Cyber Monday

When it comes down to online stores, 47.5 percent of them say they will do something with Black Friday. This figure is also two percentage points higher than the number of online stores who said they participated last year. One in two Spanish SMEs say that Black Friday is a great opportunity to increase their sales. That may also explain why Cyber Monday, the day of online discounts taking place three days after Black Friday, continues to gain support. This year, 28 percent of online stores say they will participate, while 18.7 percent said they offered discounts on Cyber Monday last year.

Black Friday is being embraced mostly by online stores that sell fashion, sports or consumer electronics. Online stores selling animal products, wines or equipment and machinery are less obsessed with offering special discounts during this day.

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