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About You offers textile makeshift masks at cost price

About You has announced the launch of a new shop category for non-medical, textile makeshift masks. The online retailer wants to sell them at cost price. By giving consumers access to affordable masks, the ecommerce company wants to raise awareness to help reducing the spread of coronavirus Covid-19.


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About You has created a special landing page, which can be found on Here, it explains more about the initiative.

Giving everyone access to a mask

“By wearing a mask, you are helping to protect others from being infected with the corona virus. But masks are currently in short supply and are sold for far too expensive prices online”, the company explains. “At About You, we want to tackle this and sell textile makeshift masks at cost price, so that everyone gets fair access to a non-medical fabric mask.

The masks won’t protect wearers from Covid-19

The ecommerce company emphasizes that the masks it wants to sell won’t protect wearers from the virus. “They are washable at at least 60 degrees and can therefore be used several times, but they are only suitable for low risk levels”, About You says. “By wearing a fabric mask, you reduce the transmission risk of Covid-19. But wearers of the textile makeshift masks can’t rely on them to protect them or others against the transmission of Covid-19. But wearing them can reduce the speed of the breath flow and droplet ejection.”

Wearers of the textile makeshift masks can’t rely on them to protect them or others against the transmission of Covid-19.

In addition, these masks can also support the awareness of social distancing, as well as health-related mindful treatment of yourself and others and thus help with the containment, About You adds.

Masks come from brand partners, suppliers and About You self

About You gets the masks from its brand partners and suppliers, which it contacted to ask them to use their production to make the textile makeshift masks. “The idea: they supply us with fabric masks and we sell them to customers at cost price.” In addition, About You also produces the masks in the production facilities of its own brands in Europe. These masks are also offered at cost price.

Not yet available

The masks, which will be offered in a mix of simple basic ones and stylish masks with unusual designs, are not available yet. About You will publish a list of participating brands in the next few days and wants to inform consumers once the first masks are available.

About You masks