About You will ship directly from factory

About You will ship directly from factory

German fashion platform About You has announced that it wants to start shipping products directly from the factory to consumers. By eliminating a link in logistics, the platform hopes to lower prices and stop the loss of customers.

About You is an online fashion retailer from Germany. In its fiscal year 2023/2024, it reached a profit of 3.2 million euros for the first time after years of losses. However, competitors from outside the European Union like Shein and Temu are quickly attracting customers in Germany.

‘Shein’s revenue grew 55 percent last year’

Shein, for example, is estimated to have generated approximately 45 billion dollars in Europe and the United States last year. This was a growth of 55 percent. In order to stop the loss of customers, About You has announced that it will be changing its strategy.

Driven by AI

“We will be offering items that come directly from the factory this year”, announced CEO Tarek Müller. With AI, the company wants to quickly identify new trends and manufacture products accordingly, in small quantities. These will then be delivered directly from factories to customers. This should reduce costs and overstock.

‘About You has manufacturers in Europe and Turkey, who can dropship products in Europe quickly’

While Shein and Temu also dropship their products, these come from factories in China. About You has manufacturers in Europe and Turkey, and will use those to dropship products. That way, it can offer faster delivery than its Asian competitors.



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