Amazon and eBay account for 66% of German ecommerce

Amazon and eBay account for 66% of German ecommerce

Amazon, eBay and eBay Classifieds together have a 66 percent market share in the German ecommerce industry. Every other online retailer from the top 50 list can’t even pass a market share of 3 percent.

This is what Onlinehändler-News concludes after EY-Parthenon published the Digital Shopping Index. This study shows that Amazon and Ebay are way ahead of all other major online shops in Germany.

Amazon has a market share of 28.7 percent, while eBay has a 22.9 percent share and eBay Classifieds ranks third with a market share of 14.8 percent. Together, these three ecommerce companies account for 66.4 percent of the German ecommerce market. The other players are way out of their league, with Wish, AliExpress and Otto have a 2.x market share, while the rest of the top 10 (Zalando, Lidl, H&M and Rossman) score a market share somewhere between the 1 and 2 percent.

eBay Classifieds more popular as an app

It looks like Amazon has strengthened its number one position, as it gained 3.9 percent compared to last year, while Ebay lost 6.9 percent. When looking at the individual online channels (dekstop, mobile, app) it becomes clear that Amazon ranks first on desktop and mobile, but that eBay Classifieds is first on the app.

Longer website visits through desktop

The study also found that the use of mobile shopping ads has increased significantly, with 74 percent compared to last year. Also, browser-based mobile usage has gone up 31 percent. An average desktop visit to one of the top 50’s retailer’s websites takes about 5.6 minutes, while mobile usage (including app) takes just over a minute.

“The shift to mobile devices drastically reduces the consumer attention span”, Andreas Enders of EY Parthenon notes. “Retailers have to convince the customer to purchase within a very short time, otherwise the sale won’t take place.”

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