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Amazon Business launches in Italy and Spain

Amazon Business launches in Italy and Spain

Amazon has expanded its Amazon Business presence in Europe, by launching the B2B ecommerce website in Italy and Spain. The existence of the online platform in these two markets means that Amazon Business is now available in five European countries.

Because after launching Amazon Business in the UK and Germany, the US ecommerce giant launched Amazon Business in France in February of this year. And now the company has launched its B2B ecommerce website in Southern Europe, in Italy and Spain. This means that Amazon Business now operates across the five European markets in which it also offers a consumer service.

Amazon wants to service corporate market

The expansion of this platform underscores Amazon’s aim to service the corporate market, the Financial Times writes. According to Steve Frazier, global vice-president Amazon Business, the B2B platform is off to a fast start, as it had more than 100,000 customers one year after its UK launch. And in the US, where Amazon first started this service, the platform hit one billion dollar in revenue within a year.

More than 250 million products

According to Frazier, business customers across the different markets often have similar problems and pain points they look to the company to solve. Amazon Business, with a dedicated website for each country in which it operates, sells over 250 million products, as well as tailored products, such as business analytics and invoicing services.


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