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Amazon Business Prime launched in Spain

Amazon Business Prime launched in Spain

Amazon Business Prime has launched in Spain, the fourth market in Europe where this premium service can now be used by businesses. With Amazon Business Prime, customers can get unlimited free delivery in one business day, as well as delivery on the same evening.

In 2017, Germany was the first European market where Amazon launched Amazon Business Prime. Two years later, it also started offering this premium service in the United Kingdom and France. Now, Spain is the fourth European country to enjoy this service for companies. Other countries where Amazon offers Prime for businesses, are the US, Japan and Canada.

Costs: 36 to 2,000 euros per year

To make use of the perks of Amazon Business Prime, companies need to register for an annual membership. Costs vary, from 36 euros per year for up to three users, to 2,000 euros per year for over 100 users.

“Business Prime allows customers to take full advantage of the great selection, pricing and purchasing experience on Amazon Business”, Christopher Kallscheid, Head of Amazon Business in Spain, said (using the same words his British colleague Dave Brittain used when Amazon Business Prime launched in the UK last year).

He added: “We continue to listen to the comments of our business customers and we are excited about the introduction of these new benefits. Our goal is to help businesses drive even more transparency into their procurement process, while ultimately lowering their total cost of purchasing.”


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