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Amazon considers launching Amazon Locker in Germany

Amazon considers launching Amazon Locker in Germany

Amazon is actively considering introducing its self-service parcel delivery service Amazon Locker in Germany. The first cities for a field trial have already been picked out. The American ecommerce company wants to test its lockers in Munich and Berlin.

Bernd Schwenger, CEO of Amazon Logistics in Germany, confirmed the news with WirtschaftsWoche. The CEO told the German magazine that Amazon’s employees are already testing the lockers inside its office and logistic centers. “We will soon decide whether we will offer the Amazon Locker also to our German customers”, he said. “We are in close consultation with our suppliers.”

Amazon will compete with delivery partner Deutsche Post DHL

If Amazon goes through with installing Amazon Lockers in Germany, it will be in fierce competition with Deutsche Post DHL, one of its most important delivery partners. The German logistic company already operates over 2750 packing stations throughout the country.

With its own delivery staff, Amazon already has increased the competition with logistics services such as DHL and Hermes. For now, Amazon has been delivering itself only in parts of Berlin and Munich. “In the areas where we are active, not much comes from DHL anymore, perhaps 10 to 15 percent”, Schwenger explained.

Amazon Locker in Europe

At the end of 2015, Amazon launched Amazon Locker in France. And earlier this year, news came out Amazon wants to open a parcel locker network across Europe.



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