Amazon creates 2,000 jobs in France

Amazon creates 2,000 jobs in France

Amazon will create 2,000 permanent jobs in France this year. This means that there will be about 7,500 people working for Amazon in France at the end of this year. The new positions are open to people with various levels of experience, training and skills.

“The economic context in France encourages us to continue to support the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs who take advantage of our infrastructures and services on a daily basis to accelerate their success in France and internationally” says Frédéric Duval, country manager of Amazon France.

Since 2010, Amazon has invested over 2 billion euros in the French economy to support the development of its business in this Western European country. Last year, the US ecommerce giant created more than 1,500 jobs in France, bringing the total to over 5,500 at the end of December last year.

Amazon in France

Amazon in Europe got a major boost, when Amazon started its online business in France in 2000. Two years ago, the company introduced its express delivery service Amazon Prime Now in France and it currently has five logistics centers, with plans to open a 13,000 square meter delivery warehouse later this year. Just recently, Amazon Business launched in France.


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