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Amazon has 1.1 million active sellers in Europe

Amazon has 1.1 million active sellers in Europe

There are over 1.1 million active sellers on Amazon marketplaces located in Europe. That’s an increase of 25 percent, compared to the situation last year. The most percentage growth can be found on Amazon Turkey and Amazon Italy.

Someone can be defined as an active Amazon seller, when he or she has products listed for sale. Currently, there are 1.16 million active sellers on the six marketplaces Amazon has in Europe: The United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Turkey.

Most active sellers on Amazon UK

Of course, most active sellers can still be found on Amazon UK, there were 281,257 of them when Marketplace Pulse did its most recent research. In comparison with last year, the number of active sellers in this platform has increased by 18.4 percent. That’s more than in Germany (where 244,425 sellers are active), which shows a 17.5 percent growth since last year.

More sellers in Italy than in France

And as can be seen above, the most popular Amazon marketplace, behind the one from the United Kingdom and Germany, is the Amazon marketplace in Italy. According to Marketplace Pulse’s data, this marketplace has only 5,000 active sellers more than the one in France.

All local marketplaces combined, Europe has just a little bit more active sellers than Amazon US, which has 1.11 million active sellers. The US marketplace is also the one growing the slowest in terms of active sellers, at just 5.1 percent.

US marketplace four times larger than UK marketplace

“Many of the new sellers replace old sellers as they get suspended or stop selling, and some of the new sellers stop without ever making a sale”, Marketplace Pulse writes. “Nonetheless, the Amazon marketplace in the US is four times larger than the UK one, the second largest.”

The fact that there’s a significant percentage growth on European marketplaces, is the result of Amazon’s deliberate push to enable European sellers to sell in all five EU marketplaces.


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