Amazon: revenue of 7.1 billion euros in Spain

Amazon: revenue of 7.1 billion euros in Spain

Amazon recorded a gross annual revenue of 7.1 billion euros last year thanks to its activities in Spain. This is an increase of 11 percent compared to 2022. According to Amazon, there are currently around fifteen thousand Spanish SMEs active on its platform.

The company announced this in an annual update. Amazon is by far the market leader in ecommerce in Spain. Besides direct and indirect retail sales, the company also earns from advertising and logistical services for sales partners and from Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Amazon started in Spain in 2010 and claims to have invested a total of 17.5 billion euros in the country up to and including 2023, with 3.4 billion euros invested last year. This includes capital expenditures such as built infrastructure, operational centers, and offices, as well as operating costs including employee salaries. Amazon refers to figures from the independent economic consultancy Keystone Strategy, which estimates Amazon’s contribution to Spain’s GDP at 13 billion euros.

Amazon is estimated to have contributed 13 billion euros to Spain’s GDP.

By the end of 2023, more than 25,000 people were working for Amazon in Spain. Many more will be added due to the recent announcement of 15.7 billion euros in AWS investments in the country.

Logistics centers and delivery stations

According to Amazon, it operates about 40 facilities of various sizes across Spain. Last year, two new logistics centers were put into operation in the provinces of Zaragoza and Girona. By the end of this year, a new center will open in Siero (Asturias), along with two delivery stations in Granada and A Coruña.


Amazon has not shared figures on the sales development of Spanish marketplace partners in 2023, only that there are now fifteen thousand SMEs connected. To attract new sales partners, the company is focusing on its free training program Despega, which helps SMEs conduct business online.



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