Amazon sells Amazon Dash Button in UK, Germany and Austria

Amazon sells Amazon Dash Button in UK, Germany and Austria

Amazon has launched its Dash Buttons in the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia, making these the first countries outside the US where Amazon sells its consumer goods-ordering buttons. Now European consumers can also reorder coffee, paper towels and detergent by hitting a simple button.

Amazon launched its Dash Button in the US in March last year, working together with dozens of brands. One button cost 4.99 euros/pounds and is effectively free, because users receive the same price off their first order. The Wi-Fi-connected device lets consumers reorder their favorite product with just one press of a button. The service is only for Amazon’s Prime members.

Dash Buttons in the UK and Germany

Amazon UK currently offers 48 different Dash Buttons, from brands such as Ariel, Biona, Cesar, Kleenex and Huggies. Amazon Germany has a slightly smaller product range as it sells 32 different Dash Buttons. translated to Dutch

Also, today Amazon announced it has translated much of the content on its Amazon Germany website to Dutch. Consumers can choose the Dutch language from a dropdown menu and see the navigation menu as well as millions of product names and descriptions written in Dutch.

This is an interesting move from Amazon, because it pops up the question what the US retailer wants to do exactly in the Dutch market. It has launched in November 2014, but that website still only sells e-books and e-readers. But surprisingly, Amazon opened 750 pick up locations in the Netherands earlier this year, which seems kind of strange if the retailer only sells e-readers in the Netherlands. It currently looks like Amazon is trying to push Amazon Germany to the Dutch market, which may mean won’t offer millions of products itself for now.


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