Amazon will soon launch Amazon Turkey

Amazon will soon launch Amazon Turkey

Amazon will soon launch, a localized version of its website, dedicated to Turkish consumers. Amazon will not only have its own website in Turkey, but also its own warehouse and office.

It’s said that Amazon is currently contacting online retailers from Turkey to try and ask them if they would like to list their products on Amazon Turkey. That’s what writes after it found an online job opening, in which it’s looking for a seller support supervisor, a seller support associate and a team manager at its newly opened site in Istanbul.

This suggests the launch of Amazon in Turkey is happening soon. Local media in Turkey are also writing about the big launch. Fortune Turkey for example wrote that Amazon would launch somewhere at the end of March. That was based on wholesalers and retailers who were called to prepare for a launch in that month.

‘Amazon will launch this year’

Another website, Sputnik, cites industry sources that say Amazon will begin its operations in Turkey at the end of this year.


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