An overview of mcommerce in Europe

Mobile shopping is well established in Europe. Mcommerce takes actively place in developed countries like the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany, but it is also growing fast in more emerging markets like Russia or Turkey. For almost every country there’s something to say about its usage of mobile devices on online shopping, so let’s have a look at an overview of mcommerce in Europe…

To be able to make this overview, we used data from yStats’s latest research on mcommerce in Europe, called ‘Europe M-Commerce Snapshot 2014‘. In our colorful infographic you can read short info about the mcommerce industry in popular ecommerce countries like The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia and Turkey. You will read that in Spain men are slightly more involved in mobile shopping than women and that in The Netherlands over 2 million people (of a total of 17 million inhabitants) already engage in mobile shopping.

Mcommerce in Europe
You’ll also learn that over a quarter of online shoppers in France have planned to make a purchase from their mobile devices in 2014, while over a third of online shoppers in Austria made purchases via their mobile devices at least once.

An overview of mcommerce in Europe

An overview of mcommerce in Europe (click on the pic to see the full version.)



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