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AnyPlan app lets retailers meet at ecommerce events

A new mobile app, called AnyPlan, has been released which aims to make it easier for online retailers and other ecommerce professionals to meet others at ecommerce events and trade fairs. The app includes a database with over 4.000 trade shows around the world.


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The app was developed by Honegger, an Italian company that has acquired experience in the marketing and trade fairs fields. With AnyPlan, users – both visitors and exhibitors – can share their availability and create their own personal agenda of events, so they can save time while planning meetings.

“The biggest advantage of AnyPlan is organizing business meetings very quickly, with adequate notice from the event”, the company states. “Moreover, the possible setbacks or changes during the trade fair can be easily managed inside the app: AnyPlan allows the ongoing connections with your contacts, so that any update will be notified in real time to the other person.”

Available in six European languages

AnyPlan has a database with thousands of international trade shows, categorized by sector. The app is available in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Arabic, Chinse and Russian are said to be added soon. AnyPlan is available for iOS and Android.