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Asda launches food box for vulnerable shoppers

Asda has launched a new online platform where it sells food boxes. With this initiative the UK supermarket chain wants to reach out to vulnerable shoppers and the elderly so they can have access to food.


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The website can be found at and was launched in partnership with StarStock. The British grocer promises to provide two-day home delivery.

Charged Retail writes that the food box deliveries will be handled independently from Asda’s core delivery operations. This means that the already overstretched logistics from the supermarket won’t be affected by this new initiative.

31 items that were popular during the lockdown

The food box sold by Asda contains 31 items that proved to be very popular among British shoppers during the lockdown. Items include bread, pasta, tinned goods, milk and teabags. The box costs 30 pounds (over 34 euros) and this includes delivery. Asda calls the food boxes “perfect for replenishing your stocks without needing a trip out”.

The food boxes are perfect for replenishing your stocks without needing a trip out.

The boxes are especially meant for people who are vulnerable and are not able to make a trip to the supermarket. “At Asda, we’re committed to helping ease the strain on our customers during this time and hope that by offering our food box at an affordable price, we can help to make lives that little bit easier, giving people peace of mind that their cupboards will be well stocked without the stress”, Asda’s managing director of sourcing and procurement Mike Snell said.

The Asda foodboxes