Asos promotes other merchants post-purchase

Asos promotes other merchants post-purchase

Asos Media Group has entered into a partnership with Rokt, an ecommerce technology platform that utilizes machine learning and AI to deliver targeted external post-purchase promotions. These ‘non-endemic’ offers will be available in 15 markets.

In addition to the British home market, these are major European countries, the United States and Australia, In the respective countries, Asos’s media division has set up a retail media program with the aim of adding value to customers through targeted content.

Unlock first-party data

Rokt, founded in Australia but active far beyond its borders, enables Asos to unlock first-party data to create personalized customer experiences, it claims. The technology allows Asos to introduce relevant ‘non-endemic’ offers (i.e., offers from outside of Asos) to its users from Rokt’s exclusive marketplace on the confirmation page. More than three hundred brands are connected to the platform.

Rokt enables Asos to introduce ‘non-endemic’ offers

The solution should also provide Asos with the flexibility to enhance user engagement through loyalty and lifetime value initiatives. The partnerships facilitated by Rokt also offer advertisers the opportunity to improve their competitive edge by reaching relevant new customers who are actively buying online.

‘Surprise and delight customers’

“We are thrilled to have Asos onboard as our newest partner”, said Elizabeth Buchanan, Rokt’s Chief Commercial Officer. “And we can not wait to help them surprise and delight customers with relevant offers throughout their transaction moment.”

Rokt’s client list already includes major European companies such as the British supermarket chain Morrisons and the French do-it-yourself marketplace ManoMano. The British fashion giant Asos is now joining the list.

Global partnership

“We are very excited to work with Rokt and build a global partnership that improves our customer experience and offers customers further value”, said Elton Ollerhead, director of Asos Media Group.

‘Our customers expect and deserve a first-class online shopping experience.’

Ollerhead added: “By leveraging Rokt’s technology, Asos will now be able to personalize their journey even more after completing a purchase.”



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