Berlin Brands Group to expand logistics network in Europe

Berlin Brands Group to expand logistics network in Europe

Berlin Brands Group has plans to massively expand its own logistics network in Europe over the next two years. The German company, which acquires ecommerce brands and Amazon retailers, will open logistics centers in multiple countries across Europe.

Berlin Brands Group is in the planning stage for logistics centers for an additional 150,000 cubic meters. For strategic reasons, it decided in 2017 with Kamp-Lintfort (Germany) to have its own shipping center in the centrum of Europe. It has a capacity of 55,000 cubic meters and 40,000 parcel shipments per day. BBG also has one in Bratislava (Slovakia) for Eastern Europe, and others in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Istanbul.

More logistics centers in Europe

Now, the German ecommerce company has announced plans to open more logistics centers in Europe, particularly in Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and France. With the strong growth of its 14 own brands and the integration of the more than 20 newly acquired brands, the number of deliveries is growing significantly.

The number of deliveries is growing significantly.

Shipping from own logistics hubs

“Against the backdrop of unstable supply chains, this allows for higher inventory levels. This is particularly important for the integration and scaling of newly acquired brands, which can be made available to customers more quickly”, BBG comments.

It adds that, taken into account the capacity bottlenecks in many warehouses across Europe, its own (newly acquired) brands can be shipped from BBG’s own logistics hubs. “These hubs are even closer to customers thanks to the development of the network.”

Capacity in Germany will almost double

Kamp-Lintfort measures 55,000 cubic meters, but a second shipping center in Germany should have a capacity of over 90,000 cubic meters. It’s expected to increase the total capacity for Germany to 100,000 parcel shipments per day. A logistics center in the UK will follow at the end of the year. The company is also planning new centers in Spain, France and Eastern Europe.

“Setting up the first logistics center took a lot out of us, but gave us invaluable experience. We can now scale that with the construction and technical commissioning of the next centers”, CEO Peter Chaljawski comments.

The company thinks it has thus built a strategic advantage over its ecommerce competitors on the one hand and current Amazon seller acquisition companies on the other. BBG sells over 3,700 products across 34 of its own ecommerce brands.


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