Bestseller Group launches ecommerce platform The Founded

Bestseller Group launches ecommerce platform The Founded

Danish fashion company Bestseller Group, which owns brands like Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, and Only, has started a new online platform. It’s called The Founded and will feature all 20 brands in a new, more personalized way.

And The Founded is not just another platform, it’s meant to one day substitute The Founded is built to be a place where consumers can discover trending items and curated products.

‘Benefits of strong partnerships are plentiful’

According to CEO and owner Anders Holch Povlsen, there are plenty of benefits of having strong partnerships with both established and new online partners. “That’s why we have decided that our online store should step back and make way for a new and exciting setup named The We are excited about this collaboration and we are confident that our current customers will like what they see”, he says.

We are confident customers will like what they see.

The Founded replaces

The Founded will ultimately replace Bestseller, but that’s not to say the group will just let that domain name vanish. That website will eventually re-emerge as a new and more engaging corporate website for Bestseller, replacing the current “We want to engage our audience even more and tell more captivating stories about our company, our ever-increasing work within sustainability, our many new digital projects and – naturally – also the vast career opportunities we offer both in Denmark and abroad.” continues as a corporate website.

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